Bedside table lamps

Submitted by: MARC SPENCE

Bedside table lamps
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: May, 2018

Bedside table lamps

Submitted by: MARC SPENCE


These matching pair of lamps are designed to provide a subtle reading light and add an ambience to any bedroom.

The Whole Story

The simplistic angles of the lamps are highlighted by the addition of curved corner pieces and a feature panel of a darker timber which allows an interesting take on the concept. I wanted to keep the timber light and easily accessed for reflection and cost so it is comprised of nice clean pine and meranti for the accent pieces. Oak timber filler, glue and nails were all that were needed in the building process of the frame and it was finished with four coats of spray on gloss polyeurethane.

These lamps in particular have been in daily use over the course of several months and have become a permanent fixture in everyday routine. The desire for quirky and interesting pieces of furniture involving timber and Edison globes has been on a steady incline in recent years and a unique conversation piece will always be relevant for those with the taste for that style. The build process can be refined to include multiple lamps from larger and less expensive stock and could be drastically reduced in time once appropriate systems have been put in place. This would bring any profit margin up to a sustainable level.

The design was created with simplistic beauty in mind but was also made to be utilitarian. A simple mounting recess to fit a screw or small french cleat can be used to mount the lamps to fit snuggly into the corner of the bedroom wall - freeing space on the bedside table and raising the light source to envelop a larger area.

With the materials being relatively interchangable, there is room for the design to be made from almost any offcuts or recycled timber with the final design at the discretion of the builder. The low wattage (25w) Edison globes draw a reasonably small amount of enery and are ubiquitous across Australia.

All in all it was just a fun project and thanks to Dangerous Designs for letting me share it!

Bedside table lamps Bedside table lamps Bedside table lamps

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