Valium Lamp

Submitted by: JEFF THORNTON

Valium Lamp
Type: Student
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Apr, 2018

Valium Lamp

Submitted by: JEFF THORNTON


A lamp where the shades change shape.

The Whole Story

Pottering around the workshop one summer’s morning, I noticed a few off-cuts of veneer sitting on the end of a bench. Later in the day I again noticed the veneer pieces, but something had happened to them; they’d changed shape. Hmm? That’s interesting. The cogs started turning.

Veneer is usually glued flat onto a solid base or shaped around a mould. In both cases the veneer remains rigid. This is where my design is different. I wanted my veneer to go “commando”; free to shape itself as the moisture in the air permits.

It was my discovery of the ‘Hot Dog’ globe that finally established the final shape of the lamp; a long globe which I was able to position in the centre of the shades, still allowing them the freedom to shape themselves. I forgot to mention that the globe flickers ever so gently.

Movement in each shade can be varied depending on how they are glued together, the thickness of the veneer, and the type of wood used. It’s up to you to choose the look you desire. The number of shades can vary from six to twelve. The shape of the bases are also variable, from a turned round to the taller off-set rectangular. Once again, the choice is yours.

So, if you like watching paint dry or grass grow, then the Valium Lamp is perfect for you. Pop a couple of Vals, pour a nice glass of red, put on some Mozart, pull up a comfy chair and settle back to watch a light with shades that will ever so slowly change their shape due to the surrounding temperature and humidity. A perfect way to waste an afternoon.

All the timber and veneers used have been certified under the AFS, PEFC and FTT certification programs. In addition to the aforementioned certifications, the Tasmanian veneers are also covered by the Fine Tasmanian Chain of Custody System (CoC) which aims to ensure that customers are supplied with products containing timbers that are legally obtained from a recognized forest source certified to the Australian Forestry Standard.

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