Sun Set Shelf

Submitted by: TRENT FREEMAN

Sun Set Shelf
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Jan, 2018

Sun Set Shelf

Submitted by: TRENT FREEMAN
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The beauty of an Sun Set over the ocean in any room, which will never disappear.

The Whole Story

In regards to originality, this concept takes inspiration from a simple sunset. Led are used in the top section to represent the sun and ultimately create an interesting scene for any room.
The use of timber can be seen throughout the entire project, with the shellac clear finish highlighting the appealing natural grain of the timber to great effect.
Due to modern living and space restrictions, all furniture these days is being designed with some factor of storagein mind, because of this the shelf is designed to allow for enough room for most items to be displayed. As for the commercial value, the Rastex designor flat pack design as used by Ikea, allows for easy DIY constructionand great ease in moving the parts. The cost of this shelf is low, as it consists of just timber (any timber), Rastex screw / cams and the led strip.
The design of the Sunset shelf is simple, but effective; borrowing what makes a sunset appealing to look at and bringing it into the comforts of your own home.
The sustainability side of this is a positive as well, the Radiata Pine is grown to be used in wood working and the led, Rastex system and hanger rails that connect it to the wall are all mass produced.

Sun Set Shelf Sun Set Shelf Sun Set Shelf Sun Set Shelf

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