Bicuspid Chair

Submitted by: TIM WILSON

Bicuspid Chair
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Dec, 2017

Bicuspid Chair

Submitted by: TIM WILSON
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A reading chair to help you slow down, forget about technology and relax after a long day.

The Whole Story

This chair is designed with the intent of relaxation. Too often do we come home from a long day of staring at a computer only to look at another screen for the rest of the night with our brains switched off.

The design is made to be tactile, it's rough and smooth at the same time to make you want to touch. With hundreds of round nobs creating this uneven surface of the chair, the design stops you at your senses. Your first instinct is to look, and then touch, and then sit. Once you have been seated your phone or laptop doesn't seem to sit nicely on the uneven armrests and maybe now you'll be forced to slow down and read a book instead of swiping on your screen.

This solid timber chair is made from over 600 dowels all held together with a hidden cross link of smaller dowels beneath the outer surface, all glued into 1 solid structure. The concept is to use the leftover fellings from the logging process of Tasmanian oak timbers. Because of the thick, solid design, the chair is able to utilise less structural timber cuts which are usually discarded in the production process. Branches which are left over from the felling process that are usually cut off the trees and discarded, here can have new life where they are turned down to smooth dowels ready for manufacture.

This process would help to minimise the amount of waste in the timber production industry by utilising a currently discarded byproduct of the manufacturing process. The design would also try and slow down our busy lives and give us a moment to think.

Bicuspid Chair Bicuspid Chair

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