Submitted by: CODESSI (Ewen Wright, Rana Abboud)

Type: Open
Category: Work
Date: Oct, 2017


Submitted by: CODESSI (Ewen Wright, Rana Abboud)
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Credeska is a transformable work desk, storage system and credenza unit in one.

The Whole Story

Credeska combines multiple functions, transforming from a simple credenza unit into a work desk with storage space for folders and stationery items.

Made entirely of timber, Credeska is robust and lightweight to maneouvre. The unit may be customisable, with different timbers or paint colours able to be used inside and out.

We designed and built this unit to suit a small apartment where space was at a premium - a desirable trait for Sydney!

The design of the unit is very simple and clean when in 'credenza' mode. Credeska is easy to operate, with its front panel swivelling up into 'desk mode', supported by custom hardware. By lifting the unit off the floor and anchoring it to the wall, Credeska appears visually lightweight, and makes the space it is placed within appear larger. When used as a workdesk, the monitor is ergonomically elevated from the desktop surface, to minimise shoulder/neck stress.

Credeska is sustainable, combining multiple functions in one, and eliminating the need for 3 different items to serve its multiple purposes. It may be fabricated from recycled timbers and, at the end of its life, may be disassembled into its component parts and reused.

Credeska Credeska Credeska Credeska

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