Submitted by: GRACE EUN HAI KIM

Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Aug, 2017


Submitted by: GRACE EUN HAI KIM
Contact the designer: @gehkco


Lumeneer is a handmade pendant light designed using the properties of birch veneer to create a new form and striking illumination.

The Whole Story

The design direction behind Lumeneer was for it to be a handmade feature light using timber veneer and generative influences. This was achieved through the process of understanding the limitations and properties of natural veneer, keeping the methods of suitable for hand making and by using a simple repetitive rule which came from the generative design exploration for its aesthetic direction.

The natural yet technical theme is used through the design - from material to form language. While the overall form is quite simple - 8 loops of veneer carefully looped, moulded and stacked, the form with its illumination brings intrigue. This pendant light is approx. 250mm x 600mm x 600mm and fills a space well when hung as one or multiples.

Using LED filament bulbs, the soft warm light emitted makes it suitable for filling places of relaxation and conversation such as restaurants or bars, or as statement pieces in a home.

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