Log Bankers Lamp


Log Bankers Lamp
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Aug, 2017

Log Bankers Lamp

Contact the designer: www.duncanmeerding.com.au


The log bankers lamp allows for directional lighting of an area, while shading the glare of the bulb with a rustic log shade.

The Whole Story

A modern take on the traditional bankers lamp, this reading light features a raw, salvaged log shade that is adjustable to better direct light.
This design meshes the organic with its more minimalist form. Its natural log shade joins to a hand finished, stained Tasmanian Eucalypt base by a sleek powder-coated stem.
The Bankers Lamp measures 140x300 x 350 mm (approx.) It is also available with a “rusted” steel stem and natural Eucalypt base.
All timber utilised in the production of this piece was grown in Tasmania. The shade was made from a salvaged Cyprus half log- which has been cored out to create the ‘shade’. The base is made from Tasmanian Eucalyptus, more commonly known as Tasmanian Oak, which was chosen for its relatively faster growing nature comparatively to other Tasmanian timbers, coupled with its aesthetic appeal and robust nature; plus its lower carbon footprint (in terms of transportation) compared to similar timbers, such as American oak. The Light fixture is an Edison style fixture with an E14 Candle styled LED warm white bulb, while the lamp comes with a 2 metre long cord, (from base to plug, with an inline switch.

The lob Bankers Lamp was developed in reaction to a brief passed on by the MACq01 Hotel project, resulting in 25 of these lights being utilised in the hotel, in the rust and natural finish. The lights couple my continued interest in how light effects mood, while creating a warm directional light for lighting up work or leisure areas.

Log Bankers Lamp Log Bankers Lamp Log Bankers Lamp Log Bankers Lamp Log Bankers Lamp

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