Stump - Table/Stool/Light


Stump - Table/Stool/Light
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Date: Aug, 2017

Stump - Table/Stool/Light

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Stump - The Cracked Log Light which can be utilised as a table a stool or a light. Suitable for outdoor/indoor installation

The Whole Story

Measuring approximately 400mm high and 300mm wide these lamps can be used in multiple applications. Being weather resistant these lamps are ready to be wired (12 volt) in any setting outdoor or in.
Stumps are often used as a table or stool when in the outdoors. This design has taken the idea of dispersion of light through cracks in timber and turned it into a multipurpose object which can be used as a table, stool or to illuminate an area with shards of light. These shards come from warm white LEDs fitted into the lamp in a custom fixture.
This object has used timber which has been salvaged. Directly inspired by the natural environment, the warm yellow light represents the fiery fate the timber would have otherwise have been exposed to.
While ‘Stump’ comes with a 12 volt indoor driver/plug pack, it is also able to be wired and installed indoor or out by a licensed electrician, in most domestic or commercial settings. The light has a custom key whole styled lock down fitting, in order to increase stability, and reduce risk of damage or theft, while the custom LED light fixture, has been designed, made and tested/certified too IP65 ISO conditions.
The timber utilised is often rot resistant species, such as macrocarpa, which is often felled for safety reasons on farms in Tasmania/Australia. AS well as being relatively fast growing and a salvaged timber, the rot/bug resistant properties, coupled with the beauty of the tree, makes this Design perfect for this species.
When glues and finishes have been utilised we try to use the most robust or serviceable options possible to maintain the natural aesthetic , while increasing the lifespan of the item.
This design with other lights in the Cracked Log Light range can utilise not only logs salvaged from farms, but timber salvaged from many other waste wood sources, such as arborists or forestry waste. Due to this concept, it means that eventually the design manufacture, could be franchised to be done locally per region/country, reducing its carbon footprint and improving further on the designs already high eco-credentials.
‘Stump’ came about because people liked the initial concept of the Cracked Log Lamp, but requested for it to do a number of other things. At a trade show requests were made for an outdoor version, which you could sit on or use as a table. Utilising this brief I developed the Stump design to create a multi-purpose item suitable for domestic or commercial environments and indoor or outdoor installation.
-Dimensions: 400mm high by 300 mm wide (Aprox due to material used for production).
-Light source: Custom LED light fixture, warm white 2700 kelvin, draw 600 Miliamp, 7 watts, runs from 12 volt DC, comes with driver for indoor use, but can be installed to outdoor 12 v DC supply to IP65 ISO conditions (if installed by a licensed electrician.

Stump - Table/Stool/Light Stump - Table/Stool/Light Stump - Table/Stool/Light Stump - Table/Stool/Light Stump - Table/Stool/Light Stump - Table/Stool/Light

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