Submitted by: CONJA (Roma Bodycomb, Harrison Sinclair)

Type: Student
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Jun, 2017


Submitted by: CONJA (Roma Bodycomb, Harrison Sinclair)
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A chicken coop for the postmodernist chook-lover.

The Whole Story

“Co-op” was made in collaboration with Roma Bodycomb, it addresses the client's desire to have a ‘chicken coop that doesn't look like a chicken coop’. The run (wire-caged section) was made at the request of the client, yet for different applications we would rather the coop be implemented without the run.

The coop itself is separate to the seat, we hope that this design could be implemented in homes where the chickens are free-range during the day. The coop can hold up to three chickens, it has a nesting platform within, as well as a planter box on its roof. The concrete bench seat incorporates a feed box and has a fig tree growing through it. We designed the bench seat to allow for the chickens to roam freely underneath.

The frame of the coop is made from reclaimed Cypress fencing, whereas the timber screening is Merbau. The use of a sliding panel on a runner system allows for easy access to the nest and eggs from outside the run. We found that most chicken coops make owners go inside to collect eggs, making owners squeeze into a small area. This lack of functionality was a key area that was addressed in our design.

We see this design as being adaptable to the owner’s space, with the ability for it to be separated into three modules. We wanted to address how inner city dwellers tend to shy away from chickens by offering a design that can suit any space. We also believe that by owning your own chickens, you ultimately have less of an impact on the environment. This is primarily due to the fact that transportation is removed from the production process of the eggs.

“Co-op” is the postmodernist chicken coop that you never knew you wanted.

Co-op Co-op Co-op Co-op

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