Mila Chair

Submitted by: FRANCO CREA

Mila Chair
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Jun, 2017

Mila Chair

Submitted by: FRANCO CREA
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Flexible in its use, Mila is a classically proportioned chair which showcases our craftsmanship and provides a relaxed balance to the more assertive Mila table.

The Whole Story

The Mila chair was born to provide a relaxed balance to the more assertive Mila table. The Mila chair provides a tranquil place to reflect on life’s events in the sanctuary of your current space. Mila chair exhibits a strong presence without dominating the space.

The appearance of the Mila chair reflects the details and precision used in order to execute this design. Mila is designed to touch the heart.

Mila was created to showcase our craftsmanship, and to invigorate the art of furniture making in Australia, showcasing to the rest of the world that we can produce the highest quality furniture — as an art form — while retaining contemporary levels of efficiency in manufacturing.

Use of wood and wood products
The chair frame is constructed from solid American oak, American walnut, and Tasmanian oak, and is available in a wide range of finishes.

Relevance (usefulness and/or desirability, value and commercial potential)
Mila chair is designed for flexibility of use: a variety of materials and finishes can be utilised to suit a wide range of situations, in high-traffic offices to relaxed café or bar spaces, and all home use.

Design (elegance, craft of design)
This new Member of the Mila range is a classically proportioned chair available with or without armrests. The Mila chair retains the core visual language of the Mila range, but with a twist of its own character.

Exhibiting the same purity of materials and perfect proportions inherent in the Mila table, the Mila chair exhibits a restrained yet arresting grace.

One of the Mila chair’s more striking visual features — the appearance of the backrest to be floating, delicately attached to the back rail — was made possible by complex, concealed fixing details.

The level of design detail is extremely high, with much of it hidden from plain sight. The backrest, the seat, and the armrests — upholstered in wool fabric or leather, using a quilting method, which gives four equal sections — are designed to be easily separated from the frame, only when necessary, to allow for reupholstering if needed.

Sustainability (recyclability, carbon footprint, energy replacement etc.)

The leather used in upholstery is 100% rapidly renewable, and is sourced as an agricultural by-product. Environmentally improved Production Process engaged improve water and energy reusability + recycling, renewable energy use (30%), and non-potable water use (100%). Finished using exclusively water-based conditioning systems, and is certified low-VOC, meeting the Green Star emission requirements.

Eighty per cent rapidly renewable content is used in the upholstery of the Mila chair.
Wool used in upholstery absorbs indoor air contaminants, maintaining indoor air quality, and is 80% biodegradable and recyclable.

American Black walnut and American white oak species used for the chair are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, and are sourced from sustainable managed forests. Our Tasmanian oak solid timber is also FSC certified and satisfies the Good Environmental Choice Australia certification (GECA).

Clear, colourless lacquer used on the timber is water-based and lower in volatile organic compounds than oil-based lacquers.

Mila Chair Mila Chair Mila Chair Mila Chair Mila Chair Mila Chair Mila Chair Mila Chair Mila Chair

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