Viral Hatrack


Viral Hatrack
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: May, 2017

Viral Hatrack

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The piece uses CNC cut ply and steam bending techniques to deliver a structure with unique construction details and geometries.

The Whole Story

Don’t Ship, Download...
The concept of distribution by downloading designs over the internet then manufacturing
at local CNC production centres is an effective way to;
Reduces emissions from transportation.
Eliminates excess stock as products are made as ordered.
Allow for individual customisation.

Form Languages
CNC furniture is typically planar due to the nature of the material and process. For CNC furniture to be viable it needs to be able to provide a broad range of form possibilties. Viral uses a simple construction process of CNC controled router cutting in conjunction with steam bending to produce curved surfaces with minimal processing.

Steam or Ply
Ply wood bending requires heavy tooling and infrastructure which is expensive to produce and difficult to replicate. The production process used here allows for bending with very light bending jigs, using only steam and without the need of any resins. It also allows for bends in differnt planes which is difficult to produce in tradional ply bending methods.
Viral is made from a single material thus recycling requires no seperation of materials and the entire object can be ground down and its fibres and recycled.

Viral Hatrack Viral Hatrack Viral Hatrack

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