Submitted by: DAVID TATE

Type: Open
Category: Work
Date: Apr, 2017


Submitted by: DAVID TATE


The Serengeti combines a bench seat with extended sides for user convenience

The Whole Story

Exemplifying modern styling with smart and defined lines, the Serengeti is softened by the natural warmth of wood. The users experience, needs and space are complemented through extensions of side tables providing functionality and purpose, while minimalistic alternating legs provide a base with strength and stability. It's accentuated length provides a greater sense of space while minimalistic seat detailing breaks up the overall length while separating seating spaces.

Designed for the commercial market the Serengeti is a statement furniture piece and most suitable for the high use temporary audience.

To firstly understand and observe directly the modern workers' active lifestyle and daily activities, then can an application to enhance efficiency and effectiveness be determined. Where does a person waiting at a seat put their laptop, briefcase or portfolio? Either on a table, the floor or on the seat next to them. Occasional or coffee tables are largely inefficient taking up space, accumulating paper pollution and positioned impracticality for safety and use. The floor is ergonomically inefficient and the seat next eliminates the purpose of the seat to other users. By providing a table area immediately adjacent to the seat and with no obstruction or need for its own structure, is not only effective and efficient but complements the users experience, needs and space.

Made in Australia, the Serengeti's main structure is hand-made from environmentally sourced local Jarrah wood and upholstered with black faux leather. The seat rests on an internal steel frame and powder coated steel legs can be easily removed for efficient packaging and transportation.

Serengeti Serengeti Serengeti

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