Walking Sticks

Submitted by: DANIEL TUCKER

Walking Sticks
Type: Open
Category: Go
Date: Nov, 2016

Walking Sticks

Submitted by: DANIEL TUCKER
Contact the designer: www.danieltuckerdesign.com.au


These timber walking sticks offer support and style. In a marketplace that is cold and utilitarian, these sophisticated walking sticks buck the trend.

The Whole Story

These timber walking sticks revive a tradition of well made, stylish objects. Used not only in the aid of getting places but also to make a statement of style and personality.

These hardwood walking sticks are hand made in Adelaide and offer a level of sophistication that has been lost in the marketplace. They can be made to measure and offer two different handle shapes.

Designers need to be looking towards inclusive design more often than not. My hope for these walking sticks is that they will be so desirable, that people without a mobility impairment might want them - further encouraging those who actually need a walking stick to pick one up!

Lots of elderly people do themselves harm by not adopting a walking stick or frame. By doing so they can prolong their independence and move about more safely.

Walking Sticks Walking Sticks

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