Dynamics in Impermanence

Submitted by: NICOLE LARKIN

Dynamics in Impermanence
Type: Open
Category: Build
Date: Nov, 2016

Dynamics in Impermanence

Submitted by: NICOLE LARKIN
Contact the designer: www.nicolelarkin.com


' Dynamics in Impermanence ’ is a temporal installation that explores ideas around reproduction and the authentic.

The Whole Story

'Dynamics in Impermanence’ is a temporal installation that is part of a body of work exploring new and classical ways we view, interpret and inhabit artworks. In the 1930's German cultural critic Walter Benjamin argued that experience of the reproduction was almost as fullfilling as the experience of the original; diminishing the aura of the original. Contemporary art and design faces further layers of reproduction; the export and sharing of images through digital social mediums and high precision fabrication. The piece deals directly with these ideas by creating shifting experiences for the authentic and the reproduction in both it's fabrication and interaction with viewers.

The temporal elements of the site, namely light, shadow and weather conditions, shift the digitally distillable interpretation of the piece. The digital reproduction is best expe-rienced through quick, theatrical snapshots. This high contrast silhouettes and shadow casts affords digital capture and export, while retaining the ever changing authentic spatial and textural experience of the real.

The piece exploits the lithe and tensile properties of birch plywood to create two shells which interlock along a central spine. The plywood has been precision cut through CNC milling processes.

Dynamics in Impermanence Dynamics in Impermanence Dynamics in Impermanence

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