Submitted by: KITELY KIANOOSH DESIGN (Peter Kitely, Kianoosh Kavoosi)

Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Nov, 2016


Submitted by: KITELY KIANOOSH DESIGN (Peter Kitely, Kianoosh Kavoosi)
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The CHARLES TABLE - form and function combined into a practical product design which involves the purchaser in the final design arrangement.

The Whole Story

Working within the functional requirement of the product, the product form is derived from observing the
 erosion and ‘sculpting’ of the rocks and pebbles on the beach landscape. The notion of the random arrangement, rearrangement and repositioning of the table support forms mimics the seas action, constantly rearranging rocks and pebbles, as the tide ebbs and flows.
This notion of erosion and rearrangement of components is the key driver for the imbedded design idea and content. The smooth textural qualities and colour palette are taken directly from observed beach environment, with each of the support forms painted a separate selected colour.
The design engages the individual in the assembly process, the arrangement of the parts to complete the whole. The repositioning of the supports provides a change in the sculptural appearance and working height of the table.
The design focus is on simplicity and longevity of product life. This is evident in the form, construction, manufacturing processes used and materials evaluated and selected
 for use.
The simplicity in the design relate too both the simple forms combining to create the sculptural base and also the use and application of simple manufacturing processes and standard materials and finishes.
The design is practical, functional and easy to maintain requiring only occasional ‘refreshing’ of the natural wax finishes.
The Charles Table depicted in the images is finished with American Black Walnut veneer (natural wax) with two-pack paint (satin gloss). The finishes may be customized, or a range of colour and finish options made available in production.
Issues relating to sustainability are addressed through careful consideration and balance of many factors including, design content and aesthetic requirements, availability, practical performance characteristics and cost.
The product is manufactured using CNC cut MDF board (compliant with Australian EO Standards), timber veneer with beeswax finish (sustainable grown and sourced) and paint finishes. A toughened 10mm glass top completes the table design. The modular nature of the components enables efficient packing and reduced transportation costs.
The inherent qualities and aesthetic and practical content of the product ensure longevity of product life.


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