Three Floor Lamp


Three Floor Lamp
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Oct, 2016

Three Floor Lamp

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This elegant design provides both beauty and functionality. Made from bending-ply and finished in a monochrome scheme it evokes a sense of classic mid-century design.

The Whole Story

The importance of imbuing a sense of beauty into everyday objects is sadly often overlooked.
Items that we use on a daily basis form a major part of the rituals that take us through our lives.
These objects can and should play a role in enriching our lives in the same way that great architecture, public spaces and art can. This isn’t to say that we should fill our homes and workplaces up with an endless assortment of objects to create meaning, quite the opposite. By stripping away the clutter and noise of the many items that we fill our spaces with and replacing them with a few precious jewels of elegant design we can make a more sustaining statement. This is the underlying philosophy that drives my indent as a designer and maker.
By paring back ideas to a minimum of embellishment and considering how functionality impacts upon the form of a design, results in a distilled, quiet and simple design solution. In this case one that it evokes a sense of classic mid-century design vernacular.
The lamp is made using layers of bending-ply that are arranged then glued together using moulds. Once the shell is complete the lamp cut to shape and its edges are given a volumetric profile to assist in gently letting the light spill out from the centre of the lamp. Long slots run down the side of the lamp and terminate into three looped feet that give a seamless rhythm to the form. The lamps monochrome finish with a high gloss white interior and a matt black exterior helps to accentuate the shape and light creating a pleasing positive negative effect. Made predominantly from wood based products, the design seeks to address sustainability issues associated with typical material choices for the manufacture of products of this kind while celebrating the notion of the ‘handmade’.

Three Floor Lamp Three Floor Lamp Three Floor Lamp

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