Onada Siesta Chair

Submitted by: JAMES O'BRIEN

Onada Siesta Chair
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Sep, 2016

Onada Siesta Chair

Submitted by: JAMES O'BRIEN
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The Onada SiestaChair an ergonomic recliner based on the principal of your own body manoeuvring you into position designed & made in Melbourne Australia.

The Whole Story

A stylish and ergonomic recliner, Onada Siesta Chair allows the user to select a sitting position that suits their mood or choice of activity, by using their own centre of gravity to effortlessly glide to one of the three positions; Sitting, Reading or Siesta.
As well as being perfect for a nap, Onada’s siesta position raises the users feet above their heart, providing fantastic circulatory health and well-being benefits.
Our chair’s design is inspired by Mediterranean culture, and ‘Onada’ means wave . Onada represents the roots of its own creation, whilst also emulating the journey and soul of a wave.
To date, I have created a serious of products that all link together. Based off the core design of the Siesta chair. My products work well as either a feature piece and or setting. I can design custom fabric designs and or colour concepts (with both the fabric/Russian birch plywood finish) outside of my standard range.
The assembly process of the Onada Siesta Chair has been designed to incorporate the whole chair as one piece with the chair seat part of internal frame. Ergonomic design principals have been applied to both the shape and feel of the chair seat with the beautifully upholstered fabric, stainless steel eyelets and tension cord forming the basis of its functionality.

Onada Siesta Chair Onada Siesta Chair Onada Siesta Chair

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