Unstable Table. Not.

Submitted by: JEFF THORNTON

Unstable Table. Not.
Type: Student
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Sep, 2018

Unstable Table. Not.

Submitted by: JEFF THORNTON


A rectangular dining table that looks as though it shouldn't be stable. But it is.

The Whole Story

Traditional rectangular dining tables tend to have four legs, or at least a combination divisible by two. I wanted to break that tradition by attempting something of an optical illusion by only having three legs. You wanted a dangerous design. This is it.

I found a beautiful length of Ironbark which was perfect for what I had in mind. To ensure stability I had it re-sawn into 5mm veneers which I then attached to a plywood base. To this I added a rectangular steel under frame. To hide the frame, I edged the top with solid Silky Oak. This table was definitely stable. The top was finished with a water-based acrylic and then polished.

My finished top was then supported by laser cut 5mm steel legs. Each leg is attached at a different angle for lateral stability. Only three of them; just as I’d planned. I finished them off by rusting the legs with bleach and then spraying with a water-based acrylic so the rust would stay in place on the legs and not on your clothing.

The dimensions of the table are as follows: L2400mm x W750mm x H770mm and will comfortably seat eight to ten diners.

Unstable Table. Not. Unstable Table. Not. Unstable Table. Not.

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