Submitted by: CERI FRAHM

Type: Student
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Sep, 2018


Submitted by: CERI FRAHM
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A square hanging rack with modular shelf unit. The shelf is placed anywhere within or without the Frame in a vertical or horizontal position.

The Whole Story

Frame features individual personality and can be arranged in many different positions. Multiples provide high impact, customizable hanging and display opportunities.
The shelves (which are themselves framed) are the perfect size to hold things like wallets, glasses, a bowl for change, keys, mail, an iPad mini, novels, decorative items etc.
While the shelf frame fits over the pegs locating snugly on the hanging frame, the shelf itself rests flush against the wall, so it doesn’t swing or move. The hanging frame runs along the shelf unit, supporting it in every position. The hanging pegs remain useable while holding the shelf unit, except on the top row.
Initially handmade using pine and offcuts, Frame has been reinvented as a production piece. Maintaining consistent depth of material allows for 5 complete units to be CNC cut from one sheet of plywood with next to no waste. Plywood of different species can be used for visual variation.
With it’s simple shape and honest construction, Frame is comfortable in any contemporary, industrial, organic, casual space.

Frame Frame

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