Beach Hub


Beach Hub
Type: Open
Category: Build
Date: Aug, 2018

Beach Hub



Wooden Beach hub

The Whole Story


The Beach House was designed to re-create a beach hub. The ‘New Beach House’ is re-inventing the design shapes, allowing more contemporary orientation, shapes and consideration of the environment. The design is to merge with the typology of the sand, to become one with the landscape. Organic curves allowing the wind to slide along the surface of the structure as well as allowing the views to be experienced, considering climate impact, environment impact and the use of the design. The structure is adjustable to any beach topology as well- from the flat sands to more hilly sand dune landscapes as the base of the decking can level up, and be adjusted. The organic shape reminds us of the waves, it is a continuity of the environment of the beach, the waves, the sand, the
wind. The structure is standing on the beach as being a part of a beach, providing a recreation hub for users.

Moreover, the nature of the structure is wooden as considering environmental implication. Th structure is designed on a decking base, standing off the sand on the beach as part of the design, to reflect the concept and to allow additional space for recreation out of the hub as well as in. Curved frame is to be the base of the design and the beams laid along the frame.

Use and Technical

The house is to allow space for recreation, shelter and safety on the beach. Window frame is originally added to allow safety and to be locked, as well as a wind shelter. It also can be used as a single wooden cover on the beach without the window frame, however the original design is to be used as a beach lockable house, and it can accommodate a bench for food purposes and a sleeping space. It is versatile, as well as full of unexpected experiences due to the more organic and post modern design. The size of the beach house is also flexible.

Interior space to provide seating steps/ bench, allowing space for sleeping, eating and contemplating.

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