Book Nook

Submitted by: BRETT JULIAN

Book Nook
Type: Open
Category: Eat, Play, Sleep
Date: Jun, 2018

Book Nook

Submitted by: BRETT JULIAN
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Bedside cabinet with a difference. Striking grain geometry with a homely nook for books below.

The Whole Story

The design of the Book Nook came about with a different approach to bedside cabinets. I wanted to create something that served its function as part of our bedtime ritual, using the top as platform for holding lamps and clocks etc. but at the same time having a handy home for books. This is where the angled base came into play. The way the books rest against the side acts as a kind of inverted book end.

There’s a playful side to the cabinet through the detail of the geometry of the top and the feature grain of the hardwood. The triangles all meet at a point leading your eye in. Inviting you to look closer you can see how this creates a juxtaposition to the sides which are mitered into the top with the grain matching and seemingly flowing down the sides.

The back panel which is also mitered into the top and sides subtlety completes the cabinet by following the shape of the base.

Book Nook Book Nook Book Nook

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